• Les Déterminants

     Les Déterminants


          1. Définition

    Cats love milk.

    A pig/many pigs.

    Plusieurs informations relatives à la quantité.



    I find slugs disgusting. → toutes les limaces : emploi générique

    I just saw a slug. → un nombre limité : emploi spécifique

    Those slugs in your garden are distusting. → emploi défini



    Give me a chocolate cookie → indéfini

    Give me the chocolate cookie on the top left corner → défini


    Ordre des déterminants

    • 1) Pré-déterminants

      All, both, half, such...

      Ex : All their problems disappeared when they moved to Ireland.

    • 2) Déterminants centraux

      A(n), the, Ø, possessifs, démonstratifs, no, every, each, either, neither, some, any, enough

    • 3) Post-déterminants

      3a. Ordinaux (1st, 2nd,...) last, other, past, next...

      Ex : The next players are entering the pitch.

      3b. Quantifieurs (sauf ceux cités en 2)



    = 1 + 2 + 3a / 3b + autres éléments + Nom

    Both the young woman were succesful.

    The last two loyal customers had to leave the shop.


          2. Les articles : Ø, A/An, THE


    Tableau (dénombrable singulier, dénombrable pluriel, indénombrable,...)


    Précisions :

    Il est vétérinaire : He is a vet.

    Such a man

    Such Ø beautiful hats.

    Such Ø news !

    He was such a coward that he ran away.

    He was such a coward as to run away.



    Don't write on the desk please.

    I was at the university when it started to snow.

    I bought peaches and butter yesterday. The peaches were delicious.

    The peaches I bought yesterday were delicious.

    Our neighbours have bought a new car. The seats are very comfortable.



          3. Les (adjectifs) démonstratifs : this, these, that, those

    This town needs a new mayor.

    These days : de nos jours

    In those days: en ce temps là

    That woman ! She's horrible ! → marque le rejet, la distance

    And then, out of nowhere, there was this guy coming down the street ! → généralement oral


    Traduire « celui de/ceux de »

    Abstrait :

    That of (in / from / at)

    Those of (in / from / at)

    Ex : I prefer the taste of burgundy to that of claret.


    Concret :

    The one(s) in / from / at

    Ex : My car is bigger than the one in this garage.



          4. Les adjectifs possessifs : my, your, his, her...

    Adjectif possessif : This is my doll.

    Pronom possessif : This is mine.

    His table / His clothers / His milk / His luggage

    It's important to give one's opinion.


    Somebody has forgotten a book.

    Somebody has forgotten their book. → on ne sait pas si « somebody » est pluriel ou singulier

    Somebody has/does → 3e personne singulier !


    She waved her hand : elle agita la main.

    He was shot in the eye.

    He shot her in the leg.


    The sisters came in their car. → une seule voiture

    The sisters came in their cars. → une voiture chacune


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