• [04/03 CM 05]

     [04/03 CM 05]


    > National Insurance Act 1911: First part is about sickness, second part about unemployment.

    How many workers were actually concerned by this act ? It wasn't all the workers, only the extremelly poor ones. The national insurance act 1911 was critized. Widows and orphans were not a part of it.


    > “Friendly societies” (société de secour mutuel en France), private association, not-for-profit organisation.


    > Maternity benefit


    > Doctors were traditionnaly more attracted by rich patients, because the poor could pay less (the prices were adaptable according to the level of money).


    > Otto von Bismarck: “Killing socialism by Kindness”

    → Risk of social unrest, risk of strikes, etc. Inspired by the German example, Lloyd George came back and made clear that he wanted to adopt the same sort of measures as soon as possible. The Government coming to the rescue of poor people.



    [BLACK OUT ~ Cours t-o-t-a-l-e-m-e-n-t incomplet]

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